Words Matter


My five-year-old grandson spotted a man in a restaurant and stated in a very loud voice:

“He’s fat and old!”

While we all were quite embarrassed at the statement, my daughter-in-law abruptly and quietly stated to him, that words matter. When you say words that are unkind, people’s feelings get hurt. She went on to state to him that at times, it is best to “think” rather than “say” hurtful words.

Today, written communication, in the form of email, is the number one channel of communication. Email use is frequent and casual at times and definitely has dangers and limitations.

Consider this:

  1. E-mail produces a permanent record and does not go away even when deleted.
  2. E-mail messages can be shared and end up in the boss’s mailbox.
  3. E-mail messages can become evidence in court; and,
  4. Finally, a hasty or poorly worded e-mail could make communication worse or invoke ping-pong emails.

misCommunications-vera-tellerBecause e-mail is an easy communication medium, it is often misused. Hastily written e-mails sent is damaging to a professional’s image. In addition, not many people know that employers legally have the right to monitor e-mail; so, the sender of an e-mail must think carefully about what they say and how they say it.

Before hitting the SEND button, reread those e-mail messages. Design messages effectively, consider cultural differences and double-check for careless errors.

And always remember: Your Words Matter!

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Vera Teller is a professor at California State University Dominguez Hills. She is a Ph.D., and has written two books to help her students navigate the bumpy road from college to career, Check It Off! and Navigate Your Way to the Career You Want. She lives in Southern California, is an in-demand College-to-Career Speaker, and consults with parents and students on navigating the entire process. www.verateller.com

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