Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the College to Career Books and process of Vera Teller, Ph.D


Dr. Teller provides the reader with a compendium of easy to follow advice and techniques to successfully chart and navigate a course toward a rewarding career.  The book can becomes the reader's road map with clear and relevant guidance including a wealth of illustrative real world examples. And although one's career plans may change over time, it is imperative to begin the career planning process early.  In addition, Dr. Teller's recommendations are not only applicable in the world of business world, but also in life.

John Casciano
Vice President and US Country Manager, Human Resources (Retired)
Sandvik Inc.

Like a mentor in a book! Provides practical advice whether you're just starting your career or transitioning to a new level. These are the behaviors and actions you need to pay attention to!

Cyndee Whitney, Ph.D.
Manager, Learning and Development (Retired)

Teller teaches you how to take responsibility for your career. Her straightforward book is packed with proven steps to live the life you want.

Marie Logan
Director of Special Events (Retired)
Pasadena Senior Center

I wish I knew then what is written in this book now!  I’ve stumbled across a few of these important lessons navigating the organizational environment.  The book has constructive information.  I strongly recommend it.

Dale Nishamura
Oracle Database Administrator
Meggitt-USA, Inc.

This book is for professionals who wants to be in control of their career growth.  The tools and techniques provided in this book are simple and useful for people at all stages in their professional lives. I am particularly impressed by Vera's insights and practical approach to navigating today's business environment. 

Sanjaye Elayattu
Founder and President
Simplain Software Solutions LLC

Excellent!! Provides invaluable practical advice for anyone wanting to get ahead in this changing world of ours. I strongly recommend it.

Anne-Marie Krause
Senior Resource Analyst (Retired)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Navigate Your Way to the Career You Want empowers workers with the specific tools and techniques to set goals and manage their careers in this new world of social networking and personal branding. Ms. Teller’s carefully laid out plan is a very common sense approach that rings true. She backs up her claims with research and cites examples from her own and others experiences to illustrate her points.  The book is engaging and written in an easy to understand manner that will help those who follow her method a clearly defined path to success.

Karyn Abrams
Practice Leader (Retired)
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Vera’s insights on the tools and techniques to succeed in the business environment are valuable.  This is a must reading for people in all stages of their professional lives.  I strongly recommend it.

Barbara Martinoff
Chief Management Analyst (Retired)
City of Los Angeles, LAX International Airport