College Career Centers

In a class of forty-three third and fourth year college students, whom I teach, I was surprised to learn, not one student has visited the Career Center.    Does that amaze you?  It does me.

The sooner a college student begins to focus on a career while in college, the better the student will be prepared to enter the job market upon graduation.  Thousands of college students graduate each year.  It is up to the student to differentiate themselves from the other college graduates and that is the person who will get the desired job upon graduation.

The job search process begins by self-exploration and best taken place while in school.  The College Career Center can assist with this process.  Self-exploration does not mean you have to do it by yourself.  The Career Counselors are there to assist.

The benefits of the College Career Center are many.

First, the student pays for the College Career Center.  The cost to run a Career Center is substantial and is covered by student tuition or student fees.  If the student is paying for this service, they should know about the service and use the service.  Privately, the costs for related services could run $100 per hour or more.

Second, the College Career Center provides an enormous amount of services.  A College Career Center provides Counseling, and Career and Employment Services.  This could include a wide variety of services such as job fairs; career assessments; interview workshops; assistance with resumes, cover letters, and personal statements; and internships.  Most College Career Centers assist with job placement too.

Finally, the College Career Center is available to the student after graduation.  Most students focus on getting a job after graduation.  A great resource to get support and help while searching for employment opportunities is to have a place to go and people to talk with.  The Career Counselors are there to help students during college and once graduated; the help includes listening, recommending, and assisting in career related activities.

In most universities, there are thousands of students who graduate each year.  The ratio of students to Career Counselors is hundreds or thousands to one.  It is best to visit the College Career Center, make an appointment with a Career Counselor and start the career process as soon as possible.  The old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is a positive saying in this context.  To attract attention and service from the Career Counselor, be aggressive, be demanding, and be visible.

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