8 Tips for Successful Business Networking

Build a two-way relationship.  Networking is a two-way relationship:  give and take.  When building a relationship think about how you can help others, not just what the person can do for you.  Be genuine, authentic, and trustworthy. Select meaningful networking events.  Attending multiple networking events without assessing the meaningfulness will lose its effectiveness.  Pick groups […]

Professionalism: Integrity

How often do we encounter professionals who say they are going to do something and actually do it?  There are many instances where promises are made and not followed through.  People who possess “integrity” are honest; they don’t exaggerate, ignore, or omit.  Those with integrity follow through on what is said, commitments made, and promises […]

This Week: Listening Matters

Author:Maria Simpson, Ph.D. reading time: about five minutes Since last week’s election I’ve been hearing the same analysts that talked about the tone and style of the debates now talking a lot about listening and how so many people failed to listen carefully to others and understand their concerns. Mediators hear this all the time […]

Karl Rove: What if ‘Hamilton’ actor had said THIS to Vice President-elect Pence

Author: Karl Rove They could have made their point and actually helped unify the country. But no, the cast of “Hamilton” had to demonstrate they were self-centered left-wingers without courtesy or discretion when they stepped forward after a Friday night performance to have one of their number directly address Vice-President Elect Mike Pence, who had […]