Professionalism: Integrity

How often do we encounter professionals who say they are going to do something and actually do it?  There are many instances where promises are made and not followed through.  People who possess “integrity” are honest; they don’t exaggerate, ignore, or omit.  Those with integrity follow through on what is said, commitments made, and promises […]

Check It Off! comes to Vromans

Swing by one of Vromans Bookstores and pick up my book, Check It Off!  Vroman’s Bookstore695 E. Colorado BlvdPasadena, CA Vroman’s Newsstand695 E. Colorado BlvdPasadena, CA Vroman’s Hastings Ranch3729 E Foothill BlvdPasadena, CA

8 Steps to a Professional Online Presence

Lontos, Pam; Ciske, Martha. The American Salesman 55.9 (Sep 2010): 11-14. Abstract Creating a professional online presence is a must for businesses these days. Many business professionals are wondering how they can be online without sacrificing personal privacy or appearing less than business or Internet savvy. The following strategies can help you feel more comfortable […]