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April 2019: Vera Teller, PhD., receiving the Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty Lecturer Award. Cal State Dominquez Hills. read more



Recipient of the Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer Award

A most exciting and humbling thing happened to me recently. On April 18, 2019 I received the 2019 Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer Award from California State University Dominguez Hills. The award honors a CSUDH faculty who has demonstrated excellence in teaching effectiveness. Winning this award is quite humbling as it is an incredible honor. And I have to say, at the same time I ...
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Follow Your Passion

I read an article about a man in his fifties who regrets his career choice. Now, at the age of 54 he has decided to follow his passion and pursue an interest. Better late than never! So they say. Last week, I overheard a conversation between two women discussing their jobs. One woman stated that she could not wait for retirement. She exclaimed that she ...
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The Portfolio…A Must Have for the College Student

The Portfolio In my book, Check It Off!  I offer information on college life for the first-year college student.  One item on the list that is easy for the college student to do, yet often overlooked, is to create a collection of important information throughout the college years.  I call this collection:  your portfolio. First-year students should begin compiling information that will benefit them as ...
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Did you know that most people’s first job out of college is usually found through a relative or close friend of a relative? It is a true fact, even in today’s digital world; person-to-person networking is still a most powerful tool. What I find from my students is that when you tell them to start “networking” their eyes begin to roll a bit and I ...
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Plan for Change

Most of know that there are two types of change: planned change and unplanned change. I like to plan for change because unplanned change usually ends up “biting me in the butt!” Sometimes, you just can’t seem to avoid what you didn’t foresee. In my community, where I live and return home to each night, we were faced with the dreaded California fires. Forty homes ...
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