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Did you know that most people’s first job out of college is usually found through a relative or close friend of a relative? It is a true fact, even in today’s digital world; person-to-person networking is still a most powerful tool. What I find from my students is that when you tell them to start “networking” their eyes begin to roll a bit and I ...
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Plan for Change

Most of know that there are two types of change: planned change and unplanned change. I like to plan for change because unplanned change usually ends up “biting me in the butt!” Sometimes, you just can’t seem to avoid what you didn’t foresee. In my community, where I live and return home to each night, we were faced with the dreaded California fires. Forty homes ...
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The Most Important Activity in College

The Most Important Activity in College I teach a communications course to first-year college students and one question I often ask is: “Of the many opportunities college offers, what are you looking forward to over the next four years?” The overwhelming answer? Meeting new people and making friends. Here is the good news. On campus, there are many ways to meet new people and make ...
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Words Matter

My five-year-old grandson spotted a man in a restaurant and stated in a very loud voice: “He’s fat and old!” While we all were quite embarrassed at the statement, my daughter-in-law abruptly and quietly stated to him, that words matter. When you say words that are unkind, people’s feelings get hurt. She went on to state to him that at times, it is best to ...
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Valuing Your Professional Presence Pays Off

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This is a quote by the famous designer Coco Chanel. I encourage my students to be unique; I teach my students to show their individuality when creating a personal website or LinkedIn account. Being unique displays confidence and self-assurance and that is what employers like to see. So, if applying for a new position or ...
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